Helping Kids with Sensory Processing

Just like any disorder or medical sickness or illness having a child with sensory processing can be heart breaking and difficult to deal with. Children with sensory processing need a lot of attention and need to parented different than other children their age.  There is no cure for Sensory Processing but as kids develop they get better and learn coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with their Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  So knowing your child has a disorder that medical professional are unsure of the cause and there is no cure can be scary and so difficult as a parent.  What do you do with you child?

  1. Be extremely Empathic – Children with SPD need a lot of compassion.  They do not processing information sent to their brain easily like the rest of us.  They get stuck and can become very upset and anxious due to this.  It is important be there for them and to keep an open mind.
  2. Occupational Therapy – The biggest thing you can for your child with SPD is  Occupational Therapy.  A trained occupational therapist can be an extreme help to your child.  Your child will learn how to cope and center themselves.  They use strategics using swings, weights, trampolines, food therapy, etc.  My daughter loves going to OT and it has helped her so much.
  3. Set routines –  The more routines you can set up for your child the better.  The structure and routine is invaluable for kids who struggle with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, or Autism.  The more consistent you can keep their schedule and routine the less anxiety your child will have. They will know what to expect and be able to adapt easier to those expectations. Keep life simple and know when to challenge your child and when not to challenge. Sometimes they will have to do things they don’t want to do because life is always going to be difficult for them and other times you need to get them a pass.

By being empathic, taking a child occupational therapy and setting up routines you will be able to care for your child with Sensory Processing Disorder better. Although this is not something that has a cure, with the right treatment and parenting strategies your child will be able to cope with daily life and thrive in their environment.

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